Hi! Our names are Cory and Lorena and we like to eat. We can't claim to be especially knowledgeable about cooking or food but we appreciate it and want to learn more. In all likelihood we won't be making any especially advanced recipes, most of our cooking is done on a tight budget using simple methods. We also don't claim that we have the expertise necessary to review restaurants on the level of "food critics", we just like food and like to document and share our cooking and eating endeavors. We aren't picky and are always open to suggestions and looking for new stuff to try.

We use a Nikon D2Xs DSLR with a 16-85mm AF-S DX NIKKOR f/3.5-5.6G lens (and occasionally a 50mm AF NIKKOR 1:1.4D) and Speedlight SB-800 flash.

We don't do the "I link you, you link me" link exchange thing, if you want to know why, please read this:  http://foodblogalliance.com/2009/07/why-link-exchanges-are-a-terrible-no-good-idea.php

Thanks for reading and please enjoy our blog!