Monday, July 25, 2011


Freshly made churro from a street vendor in Ajijic, Mexico

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tour de Tacos

Recently came back from a trip to Jalisco, Mexico. We ate a lot of good (and unfortunately also not so good) food during our month-long stay. As you might expect: some of the best (and cheapest) meals we had came from taquerias. Since the focus is on tacos and they don't make much else (if anything), they have to be delicious or no one will eat there. We only tried a handful of taquerias in Ajijic but they were all satisfying enough to warrant return visits.

(A little advice based on our experiences: if a restaurant has an English name and caters to NOT eat there, the food will generally be overpriced and disappointing. This is probably obvious to most people but eat where the locals eat!)

 Tacos Vampiros (griddled tortilla and melted cheese)
The pickled onions are so so good and spicy!

Toppings and Salsa

 Tongue and Tripe

 Our favorite: Al Pastor!