Monday, October 25, 2010

Trees Organic Coffee

Trees proudly claims to make the best cheesecake in Vancouver and after three visits and three variations (chocolate swirl, mocha, lemon-lime), I can say it's the best I've had in the city. There are a handful of other places I'd like to try before making any final judgments but for now Trees stands on top. Each variation I've sampled has been so airy and creamy, every bite practically melts in your mouth upon impact. What steps do they follow that bring forth such a fluffy, perfectly baked cake? I wish I knew.

It's a bit pricey ($5.99 - $6.99 per slice) but since I don't know how to make this at home, it's worth it every once in awhile. People generally seem to expect to pay less at a small cafe whereas at a nice restaurant it's considered normal to shell out at least $10 for dessert. Cheesecake is the main focus at Trees and they give generous portions and have high standards for quality (all of the ingredients are organic) so I think the pricing is generally reasonable. I've never tried the strawberry topping because it doesn't seem worth the extra dollar for strawberries and sugar. Even without the extra topping, every piece of cake includes whipped cream and drizzles of chocolate or other sauces. The coffee is as good as you'd expect from any decent, high-end cafe.

I don't think it's necessary for Trees to make bold claims about having the "best cheesecake in town". It's good enough that it stands up on it's own and doesn't need the hype. Maybe it's good for getting people in the door but I'm sure it also makes some approach it with a more critical eye. With such high expectations it's harder to please; instead of being pleasantly surprised by the flavor and texture many will be questioning if it's really the BEST, comparing it to everything else they've tried instead of just enjoying it. Personally I prefer when establishments are a bit more humble and let the customers decide for themselves. Either way, I recommend Trees for the cake, coffee and warm, pleasant atmosphere.

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