Sunday, August 22, 2010

Splitz Grill

A few days ago we made our way to Splitz Grill in 30+ degree weather and arrived dizzy with hunger. These burgers were the perfect remedy to prevent our stomachs from shrinking any further since Splitz offers a wide variety of sauces and toppings and piles them on as per your request. We didn't order any fries (though we have eaten them before and they are good) and the burger alone was enough to fill us up.

We each ordered a one patty Legendary Splitz Burger - the cheapest option on the menu. Even though it's the smallest of the beef burgers it's still a decent size and probably large enough to satisfy the average hungry customer - especially if they load up on toppings like we did. Omitting a few of the sauces, everything else was stacked on top of our patties; sprouts, salsa, even sauerkraut; there's a lot to choose from and somehow it all tastes good together. Certain toppings, like cheese, bacon, mushrooms and sauteed onions cost extra ($1.00+ each) so if you want ALL of the extras you'll be paying more than $10 for your burger, which for us is a bit steep. We didn't order any extras since we can't justify spending that much for a couple pieces of bacon or a slice of cheese but I imagine their burgers taste pretty incredible with everything.

The meat was generously seasoned, juicy and really flavorful. One of my favorite things about Splitz Grill is that their meat isn't greasy; sometimes at other burger establishments I leave feeling a bit sick to my stomach from the excess grease but the meat at Splitz seems really fresh and light in comparison. I don't know if it's a result of how they cook their patties or if the meat is better quality but for me it is a noticeable difference. I love being able to eat a giant burger and leave feeling nourished instead of like I've inhaled a bunch of unhealthy junk food.

We haven't tried a lot of the burger options available in Vancouver but out of the places we have tried, we feel that Splitz is the best.

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Under Urooba's Umbrella! said...

Oh dang; my stomach's rumbling!

liz said...

i don't eat meat or dairy anymore..which makes me sad looking at the yummyness you post. Also, I need to come to Vancouver so you can teach me to take amazing photos