Saturday, August 7, 2010


Poutine seems to be a polarizing concept; a lot of people are apparently grossed out by the idea of combining fries with gravy and cheese but most of those people have probably never given poutine a real chance. The poutine in the photo is from Belgian Fries, which, as well as offering a Belgian condiment choice, claims to serve "the best poutine outside of Quebec" (where the dish is a beloved, traditional fixture) though there are a few popular places around the city so the West Coast has its share of poutine lovers too. I've heard most local places use a miso-based gravy so it's a vegetarian dish, I'm not really sure how they make such a gravy-tasting gravy out of miso but I know you can tell cheese curds are optimal by their squeakiness. The combination of freshly cooked fries, hot gravy and melting, squeaky cheese is a sublime delight and I hope the "ew gross" crowd can one day let poutine into their hearts.

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TheKiwiBex said...

Yum! Heart attack on a plate but how can you not love this?!