Thursday, August 5, 2010

Chikara Udon with Mochi at Japanese Festival

The Powell Street Japanese Festival had a lot of very popular food stalls, the lineup for takoyaki looked about 20 minutes long. We chose one that had a shorter line (probably less popular because it was serving mostly hot food on a hot, sunny day), they were grilling mochi on a barbecue and selling a few kinds of udon. Even though it was so hot, we ordered Chikara Udon (udon with toasted mochi) and "zenzai" - mochi topped with a sweet red bean mash (not pictured), both $2.50. An iced coffee was necessary to cool down afterwards.

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liz said...

I am absolutely obbsessed with all Asian food; chinese, korean, japanese, malasian, vietnamese, etc. etc.

Love all of the latest posts!