Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Thai Hang Vietnamese Restaurant

I've long felt the absence of a local Vietnamese place that's both cheap and good quality. Fortunately, Thai Hang, which I discovered through Urbanspoon, fulfills that criteria and is also a short and pleasant enough of a walk away that I now have a go-to local Vietnamese place. Thai Hang looks like it's been here for ages, which is usually a good sign; the interior is modest but welcoming and the wait staff were very friendly. I do want to mention that it's CASH ONLY, a policy only described by an easy to miss piece of paper near the register that sent me running 3 blocks to the nearest branch of my bank after we ordered. 

Thai Hang's menu is essentially what I expected to see; a range of noodle soup, vermicelli dishes and rice dishes as well as some tempting combos and specials. We ordered "Grilled Beef Short Ribs & Chicken on Steamed Rice" (at $8.00, the most expensive end of the menu) and  "Pork Skewer & Deep Fried Spring Roll on Vermicelli". The portions were refreshingly large, especially for the price and the rice dish came with a small soup that tasted like carrot and contained either ground beef or pork which was a nice surprise that wasn't on the menu (though I had to ask the waitress if it was soup or something I was supposed to pour on my main dish). The food wasn't anything different but definitely tasted like it should have cost more than it did (probably the best version of this style of lemongrass chicken I've ever had) and we left incredibly full. Thai Hang seems like a reliable choice for great value Vietnamese; I'm glad to have found it and will be back soon!

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