Thursday, July 1, 2010

Spicy Noodle Soup

We were downtown the other day and in the mood for some pho satay or similar spicy soup. Probably the best and cheapest Vietnamese place downtown (Asian Garden) closed down in the winter for some unknown, upsetting reason so with the help of the Urbanspoon iPhone app, we wandered for a bit and went looking for Ben Z Noodle House. Apparently that place no longer exists, but the Japanese restaurant next door, Kishu, had signs displaying a Vietnamese menu outside so we went in and got a table. I'm not sure if two restaurants combined or something because inside the Japanese menu, there was also a separate, laminated single page Vietnamese menu with a pretty comprehensive coverage of the usual suspects. The soups were pretty cheap but really filling, we both ordered "Spicy Noodle Soup", it contained a lot of tender pieces of beef as well as some dubious but tasty sausage pieces. I tried to find the restaurant online (Kishu Japanese) but according to Urbanspoon, it closed not sure if we ended up in some ghost restaurant or they just haven't got around to changing the signs but the soup was good.

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