Monday, July 12, 2010

Breakfast Sandwich - Alleviating My Morning Ennui

Until recently I haven't been much of a 'breakfast person'; growing up, meals in the morning were usually eaten hastily - or skipped entirely - before I ran out of the door inevitably late for school. Breakfast foods consisted of: uncooked oats, toast with jam, apples, bananas or anything quick. Bacon was unwelcome in my parent's refrigerator and sweet, sugary, rainbow-colored cereals were dismissed for their lack of nutrition and excessive amounts of sugar. Unhealthy, fattening foods were not a part of my upbringing - and though I appreciate the nutrition and knowledge my parents shared with me, I think I would have enjoyed pancakes a lot more if they were cooked using butter instead of overpowering and greasy olive-oil. An egg cooked with butter is infinitely better than one made crispy with hot oil! I try to eat healthy most of the time but some not-so-healthy foods are just too good to miss out on and I don't feel like the flavors and textures can properly be recreated with lighter options.

My entire childhood and adolescence was spent having never eaten a breakfast sandwich, I don't think I even really knew what they were. I feel like I must be one of the only people in North America who has never eaten an Egg McMuffin from McDonald's! The basic ingredients are so simple: English muffin, cheese, egg, meat. Why bother going out to buy this when you can make it at home with higher quality, fresher ingredients? The options of cheese are endless and infinitely more palatable than processed orange rubbery squares. Next time I plan on adding fresh avocado for ultimate textural satisfaction. Crunchy bacon and creamy avocado together - what more can one ask for?

Maybe this isn't what some people would consider a light, healthy breakfast but it's exactly what I crave when I get up in the morning; I need to satiate my hunger and a bowl of airy cereal just doesn't cut it!

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