Friday, June 25, 2010

Ya Yah Thai Cuisine

This place is just down the street from where we live so we've been here a number of times, I think it used to be called Yum Yah and has since changed hands but the menu remained pretty much the same. I've tried a few dishes and combos but we always order Spicy Beef Salad, it's really good and spicy and satisfying even though the presentation and preparation seem to differ occasionally (for example, this last time the dish contained slices of tomato rather than cherry tomatoes which was a bit disappointing). Once or twice we ordered it "hot" and the waiter sort of warned us that it's seriously hot and it was a bit much to handle, I think it's generally understood that when a Thai restaurant says hot, they mean hot. The chicken satay skewers in the first photo are a great option from the appetizer section of the menu; much more tender and nicely seasoned chicken than seems to be the norm for satay skewers and the sauce has a rich peanut flavor and a bit of heat. We'll keep visiting Ya Yah Thai Cuisine when the craving for beef salad inevitably rears its head, hopefully next time they'll have cherry tomatoes.

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Style Odyssey said...

oh YUM, this looks delicious.
i do like how they've sliced the veggies; makes an appetizing presentation.
thanks for the nice comment on style odyssey. glad you stopped by. :)