Sunday, June 27, 2010

Durian Hi-Chew Candy

Hi-Chew candy is kind of like a combination between gum and Starburst except it's better. It's soft, chewy and comes in a wide variety of interesting flavors including lychee, dragon fruit, cantelope and yuzu and also more traditional flavors like strawberry and grape. There are also limited edition specialty flavors, which includes one of our favorites: sour ume plum!

We spotted this durian Hi-Chew candy at a Japanese convenience store on sale for 99¢ and were curious to find out what the flavor was like. I wasn't sure what to expect because I have never tasted durian before but I have heard horror stories about it smelling like rotting flesh, offensive enough to result in banishment from a number of hotels in southeast Asia. The disgusting smell of the fresh fruit must be part of the reason why this candy was on sale; it's not the most inviting flavor when sitting next to other choices like green apple or strawberry cheesecake. No need to worry though, this is just as good as other Hi-Chew offerings and there is no strange smell or aftertaste; it has a subdued sweetness and smooth taste with hints of coconut and banana. Ultimately it is a unique and interesting flavor and I am curious how closely it resembles real durian. Apparently if you can get past the distinctive odour, durian has a creamy custard-like texture and nutty flavor and although it sounds a little bit scary, I would like to give it a try sometime, though I wouldn't expect it to taste like this candy.

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harajukuloveee said...

those are so cool! i love the variety of flavours you can find in imported sweets these look delicious :)
xx, zaia